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Divi Discount Code & Elegant Themes Coupon

Save up to $ 50 now with the Divi Discount!

$89 is a totally acceptable price for the Divi Theme, in my opinion. With this trick, however, the price of the WordPress template, including the add-ons, can further be reduced,without even needing a Divi Discount Code. With the following link you can get a discount on the annual and one-time prices!

Especially useful for beginners, the page builder is very flexible and adaptable yet easy to use. It’s also easy to update and Google-friendly, with excellent technical support.

Huge range of functions

Divi is a WordPress theme from Elegant Themes that allows users to create modern websites using the visual drag-and-drop Divi Page Builder. Knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS or PHP is not required. It comes with 46 pre-made modules and hundreds of free layout templates.

Each item can be customized. The theme’s range of features is regularly expanded with updates. Founded by CEO Nick Roach in 2008 as a WordPress theme shop, Elegant Themes has become an industry leader. Divi itself was born on December 11, 2013.

For a quick and easy start, the popular WordPress theme includes 6 demos and over 20 layout templates to choose from. Upon installation of the demo, a professionally designed WordPress website is available within a few minutes. The built-in Visual Builder provides pre-made and fully functional landing page layouts, where each element is customizable. The Divi Builder contains 46 content modules for individual page creation. There are separate modules for different page elements, which are simply dragged and dropped into the desired area.

Each of these modules is fully customizable and can be configured differently. These 46 content modules include the most commonly used elements of a website, such as buttons, sliders, images / videos, text, calls to action, etc. With the library feature, the modules can be saved and reused as needed.

Because the Divi Builder can be used on any number of websites, modules stored via the Import-Export feature can be transferred from one website to another. The Visual Builder gives you full control over the look of a website. The design of each page element can be managed and customized to find the right design for the web page. Adding elements is a breeze.

It works simply and intuitively in the front-end; it does not have to be navigated between a dashboard and the front-end. Texts can be formatted directly in the front-end and there is also an option for managing fonts. With the page builder, every detail of the page can be controlled, from the distance and padding management to the text and image upload. All changes are displayed in real time.


Divi is a multi-purpose theme for corporate websites, blogs, online portfolio pages or personal websites. The theme can also be used for WooCommerce and thus enables the creation of e-commerce shops.

The Divi Builder makes customizing the theme so easy that no programming skills are required. Modules are easily selected and placed on the page by drag-and-drop. Anyone with little or no technical know-how can use the template to create a WordPress website and create their own pages.

Examples of Divi Themes: The customer has the choice of numerous layout packs.

The design and content design of web pages is completely controlled via an intuitive front-end editing interface. Countless web designers and WordPress freelancers already use Divi to create websites.  In addition to Elegant Themes‘ customer support, there is a huge community online for exchanging experiences and getting advice.

Buy and download theme

Over 550,000 users have already decided to use the Divi WordPress theme, according to the developers. The Divi Theme can only be purchased as a membership, directly from the Elegant Themes homepage. This includes the download of Divi, 86 other WordPress themes (e.g. the extra theme) and 3 WordPress plugins. There are two different pricing models available.

The pricing model of Divi: Annual or one time payment

You have the choice to buy Divi together with the additions either annually or in the form of a one-time payment. The annual package costs $ 89 a year, and the lifetime membership is available as a one-off payment for $ 249. The membership fee includes unlimited use of all Elegant Themes products on any number of websites, as previously described. Every update of the theme is also included. So the template is also ideal for freelancers or agencies who want to use the Divi Theme for customers.

Tip: Currently there is a Divi discount. The customer can save 20% on the purchase of the template on both the annual and the one-time payments. A discount code is not necessary – just go to the page here and the price will be discounted by 20%.

30-day money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Page Builder or other products from Elegant Themes after your purchase, you can rely on the 30-day money back guarantee. Elegant Themes refunds your purchase within a short timeframe. If you need help setting up the premium theme, you will find a tutorial on the developer’s website. By means of these instructions, even a layman should be able to quickly and easily design an appealing website.

New Divi Update 2019

Update 4.0: The new Divi Theme Builder brings useful features with it.

It took a long time, but in October 2019 it finally happened: Nick Roach, the founder of Elegant Themes, has at last announced the release of the long-awaited update to Divi 4.0.

The new version is now available for all buyers of the popular template and includes the useful Divi Theme Builder. New buyers will continue to pay the normal price as before.

Tip: Layouts for the theme

To simplify the use of the theme and help customers to create a website, Elegant Themes regularly publishes various layout packs on the blog. Some of these layouts are also part of the integrated pagebuilder and can be imported directly into the back-end. These each contain a variety of designs, such as ready-made templates. These then only have to be filled with their own content and used directly.


As part of my work as a WordPress Freelancer and in an agency specializing in WordPress, of course, I have also had experience with the popular WordPress design. Not only do I create simple blogs and websites for smaller companies here with Divi, but I’m also very familiar with using Divi in conjunction with WooCommerce.

Save up to $ 50 now!

$ 89 is a totally acceptable price for the theme, in my opinion. With this trick, however, the price of the WordPress template, including the add-ons, can still be reduced. With the following link you can get a discount on the annual and one-time prices!

One of the biggest advantages of the theme is certainly the variety of setting options. Almost every idea can be implemented with the design and the page builder. The theme is also great in terms of search engine optimization, even if the large options and features, of course, mean that the loading time can suffer a little.


  • attractive design and modern layouts
  • compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • easy to translate
  • an incredible number of ways to customize your own website
  • extensive page builder (Divi Theme Builder) included
  • simple and largely self-explanatory functionality
  • SEO-optimized structure
  • compatibility with WooCommerce
  • well-known theme author with good support (including regular Divi updates and helpful tutorials)
  • vast community and add-ons, child themes, extensions, …)


  • priced slightly higher than other themes
  • opportunities can overwhelm you quickly
  • a bit bloated, requires additional plugins (e.g. caching)
  • makes it difficult if you want to change to a different theme with your own page builder later

All things considered, I can recommend the Divi Theme  for both beginners and advanced users in the world of the popular content management system WordPress. In order to create a chic, modern website that is also optimized for mobile devices, it hardly requires any deep knowledge (e.g. web development). Such a website is created in a few clicks.

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